Ginseng – Ingredient Spotlight

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Ginseng – Ingredient Spotlight


Scientific Name: Panax ginseng
Alternative Names: American ginseng, Chinese ginseng, Korean ginseng, man-root, Schinsent

We use ginseng in our very popular Memory Booster product.

Ginseng is usually marketed as an energy and sexual vitality booster. However, the root also provides a wide range of cognitive and mental health benefits.

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has used the root to aid with memory loss. Especially in aging adults. The belief is that it can improve learning and overall memory. Many studies support their claims.

There has even been studies done on people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. Patients were given 4.5 grams of ginseng daily over a 12-week period. Results showed that those who were given the root had enhanced cognitive performance compared with those patients that were given a placebo.

Another study on middle-aged dementia patients showed similar results. These patients unfortunately had strokes which caused their dementia. They were given the root over a 12-week period and results showed improved memory scores. This was compared with those that were given Duxil, a chemical drug.

Interestingly, when it is used together with ginkgo biloba, they have a synergistic effect and improve both working and long-term memory.

We use both ginseng and ginkgo biloba together in our Memory Booster formula. Moreover, we include a further 21 natural ingredients that have contributing effects on memory functions.

How does Ginseng help Memory and Brain Function?

The root (no matter which species) contains ‘ginsenosides‘. These are compounds that are responsible for the multitude of benefits it has to offer. The ginsenosides have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties.

Ginseng stimulates the release of acetylcholine – the neurotransmitter associated with learning and memory.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to treat (not cure) many neurological diseases. These include Parkinson’s, strokes, and Alzheimer’s.

It also increases circulation in the body and sends more blood to your organs. This increases blood flow in the brain. This is also why certain varieties of the root, such as Red Korean Ginseng, is used as a testosterone and libido booster. It is also used for men with erectile dysfunction.

Most importantly, ginseng increases levels of important neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and nor-epinephrine.

Our Memory Booster does just that – produces natural dopamine to stimulate brain functions.

Other Amazing Benefits:⁣

  • It is a potent antioxidant that may reduce inflammation
  • Can improve erectile dysfunction. It does this by producing nitric oxide. This is a compound that improves muscle relaxation in the penis, and increases blood circulation.
  • May boost the immune system
  • May boost energy levels and fight fatigue

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