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Selenium is a trace mineral (required in small amounts only) vital for our health. We are not able to produce selenium as it is mainly found in soil and water. This means that it's crucial we consume foods that contain the mineral and/or take a supplement.

It plays a major role in numerous body processes including immune system support and thyroid hormones production. Therefore, it isn't surprising that people who suffer from hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) are deficient in selenium, as well as iodine. A healthy thyroid gland is important since it regulates your metabolism and controls growth and development.

A recent study showed.....

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V I T A M I N  A


Vitamin A is fat-soluble vitamin. It is naturally present in fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, butter and fish.

The vitamin provides a multitude of health benefits. This is why our bodies require it. Vitamin A can help to lower the risk of various diseases including malaria, HIV, infections, skin and vision issues.

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B L A C K  C U M I N  S E E D S

Scientific Name: Nigella sativa
Alternative Names: Black cumin, Kalonji, Kala jeera, or Nigella seeds

We use black cumin seeds in EVERY single one of our mixture products. That's how nutritious they are. Their nutritional profile contains almost everything. So just adding even a little to our formulas, boost the nutrition content greatly. They are high in fibre, iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, all amino acids, as well as vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6.

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Copper is an essential nutrient which our body needs in a small amount to maintain good health. Copper plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells, bone cells, enzymes, and connective tissues.

The nutrient also helps to maintain the immune system, cholesterol, and nerve cells. It is best for pregnant ladies for the growth and development of their child.

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Vitamin C is an effective and healthy nutrient that our bodies need. It is powerful antioxidant and is also called L-ascorbic Acid.

Many fruits and vegetables contain the vitamin. It helps to improve the immune system, avoid eye diseases, and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

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