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Nutrient Deficiency Consultation

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Using state-of-the-art electro-acupuncture technology, the device is a quick, pain-free and accurate (88% accurate to a blood test) method of seeing your current nutrient levels.

The device uses technology known as Electro-Acupuncture (EAV) Methodology which is based on centuries of acupuncture. This means that in a matter of minutes, you are able to know the level of vitamin/mineral that is in your body.

The package includes a one-to-one consultation with a certified micro-nutritionist. Each consultation takes approximately an hour and includes:

  • Quick and painless testing for deficiencies in 30 vitamins and minerals

  • PDF file of 15+ pages explaining in great detail your results as well as what foods can be consumed to resolve any deficiencies you might have

  • Personalized nutrition advice and other diet recommendations

 Results can be tracked over time so it's a brilliant way of ensuring your nutrition plan and the supplements you're taking are right for you.  

Please contact us to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.